31.Jerry Navratil(non-registered)
Excellant work you have a great eye for getting these shots.The south shore and fire island have always been one of our favorite places,since I am a fisherman and used to boating at davis and watch hill for many years you do it justice with you pictures thank you very much and keep up the good work.
30.Daina Ryan(non-registered)
Your photos are absolutely beautiful! How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place. Read your article in The List. Glad to learn about you and your photography.
Your work is amazing. I've been enjoying it greatly.
28.Laura Brown/Bernie Fox(non-registered)
We moved from Bellport, Long Island in 1987, but go back to visit family. Your photos help me remember the sights, sounds, feel of sand and surf, and the smell of the bay and ocean breezes.
New York City album reminded me how much I want to visit this place :)
Nice photos! I wish you further success in your work. Good luck!
24.Plamen Ivanov(non-registered)
Hello. I really like yuor website. Nice design! :)
23.Robert Packard(non-registered)
I can not even begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed looking at all your pictures here , I move to Wisconsin back in 1975 , but my heart is still very much still on the Island. Thank you so very much for sharing your picture's with me.
21.Karen Marvin
Mike...what an honor to have you photograph the first paddleboard race on the great south Bay...to benefit SAVE THE GREAT BAY!!!! you captured the moments of so many racers..especially my 10 year old son Ryan.....just a wow...all your photography is simply beautiful...blessed to have you as a friend who captures the moments I can't see all the time....
20.Denise Holm(non-registered)
Mike I am a fellow Long Islander and a great admirer of your work I can't wait until your presentation at the Library I hope I can learn some awesome picture taking. Thanks
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