Great South Bay Images - Michael Busch | Aerial Shots over Long Island

Taken from plane the morning of August 7, 2013
Btookhaven looking toward BellportSquassux Landing and Carman's RiverHowell's Point and Bellport Country ClubHowell's Point and Bellport Country ClubCarman's River to Brookhaven AirportBellport Dock AerialBellport Dock AerialBrookhaven AerialCarman's River looking South West to Fire IslandSmith Point BridgeOld Inlet AerialOld Inlet AerialOld Inlet Aerial Close UpOld Inlet Breach Close UpOld Inlet and Pelican Island Close Up AerialBellport Beach AerialOld Inlet and new Sand Bar DeltaOld Inlet Close Up looking SouthSmith PointSmith Point Bridge